About Us

Welcome to FISHING PURE, our goal is to provide for you the best deals on fishing products and accessories, the best materials that guarantee you to have best fishing experience and make your experience enjoyable.

We built FISHING PURE store to share with you our 20 years of fishing experience by providing for you the best and must have fishing products and accessories for Freshwater & Saltwater to make your journey or trip so much better, enjoyable and easier.

We are always here for our fishing lovers around the world, as we do this by Love & Passion that goes beyond having a business. We care about building a community through our social media profiles like PINTEREST, META FACEBOOK AND INSTAGRAM. Please hit us a follow.

In order to be updated with our latest arrivals and new products or deals, please feel free to subscribe via email.

Some of our products will be FREE where you need just to pay a small fee for shipping and some of them will be with FREE SHIPPING.

We offer you support 24/7 through our mail at support@fishingpure.com

NOTE: from 5 to 10% of our profit goes to charity organisations that helps people passionate by fishing to provide for them some basic needed equipments in order to let them practice what they love to do, so when you purchase something from our store, think about you are doing something great to make others happy.

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